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Your wedding is coming up. What have you got to say in your speech to make this occassion a memorable one for both you and your new bride without sounding  too cheesy or annoying? For some, this might be a hard one as not everyone can face a crowd. But hey! you’ve got  to do this.
It’s easier to go along the lines and norm of others but you truly want to make your speech unique, fresh, romantic and with humour. So what do you do?

Start preparing your speech well before the wedding . Don’t take cues from popular love lyrics like ” Jumoke, anything i do, i do it or you.. or something along the lines of ” Rosie, I was born to make you happy” Make your own original words and write from your appreciative heart and love for your wife.
These are some guidelines in writing your speech  but ofcourse you can always add a twist to this.

  • Depending on your faith, you can start by thanking God for making this day come true.
  • Then give thanks to your new father and mother -in-law for their blessings or speech and for giving you their beautiful daughter
  • Give thanks to your parent for their loving support to you and your wife.
  • Tell a brief story of  how you met, when you knew you were in love with your wife and how you proposed to her
  • Tell your guests what she means to you , complimenting her attributes.
  • Thank your guests for making it to your wedding and for their wonderful gifts
  • Give thanks to your best man for all his effort and support before, during and after the wedding
  • Acknowledge the bridesmaids fo their help and support,the page boy and other family relatives who where able to make it
  • Acknowledge guests who have probably travelled far to attend your wedding and wish them safe journey back home.

Don’t forget to always use the words “We” or “My wife and I”  when thanking guests and others. Do not use any foul langauage no matter how funny it is.  Before the wedding make copies of your speech incase you lose the original, practice and practice infront of your friends to make your speech more natural , do not make mentioned of your ex-girlfriends at all during the speech or even at the wedding. Do not make your speech too long as your guest will start getting impatient and distracted. Make eye contact with one person at a time while speaking. Do not poke fun at friends or families who could not make the wedding. Stay positive, when you feel nervous just look at your wife and  SMILE!!

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  1. love what u are doing nice job .pls am from an average family my husbands salary is 45000 just worked for 5 months nd our wedding comes up march next year pls help us and choose color is a small wedding but i want it to look nice. traditional friday then white the next day .thanks nd God bless u looking forward for ur rply

  2. Thanks so much for setting up this website. The information here is invaluable for people like me, a groom to be, who has only partially participated in 2 short weddings. I have found the tips on how to prepare the groom’s speech particularly helpful as I am not a natural speech writer or giver.

    May the Lord continue to bless the work of your hands. Keep up the excellent work

  3. Jackson Akan : April 4, 2011 at 2:16 pm

    Hi My Wedding Nigeria,
    You are really on top of it in Nigeria, bless you for your good work. My wedding is coming up on the first sunday of August together with my child dedication, I want it special and unique within the budget of an average human. Kindly help on customized tips, like speech and other things that could help. My combo is wine, what other color can I combine to make it sweet.


    • Hi Jackson,

      Thanks for the complements! Have you checked the category section on the front page? Check to find tips on Weddings in December, Wedding entertainment, wedding decoration.

      Wine or Burgundy + Gold+ Cream
      Wine+ Green
      Burgundy +Light Pink+ Lavender
      Burgundy + Pink
      Burgundy+ Magenta+ Purple.

      Choose one or two main colour and then use the rest as accent ( background colour) seen in your cake, napkins, cutleries, flower centrepiece

      Check for tips on the site and let me know if you need guidelines in any other particular area in the planning.

      Kind Regards,


  4. Pls my traditional wedding is coming up dis december pls help me chose wat my hubby wil wear.wat i hv 2spend is 250000 pls tel me how 2manage dis 4 a colourful wedding.i want my day 2b unique and gr8 pls inbox me on face book dis is my facebook i d

    • Hello Chika,
      Congrats, am sorry, I do not do private emails. I can guide you but that is all I can do.
      Get a check list- write down the things you would need at the wedding, get an estimated cost of this and then the actual cost ..
      Example: Mock Budget List
      Needs Estimate( in naira) Actual cost To balance. Saved
      1, Wedding dress 20,000 25,000 5,000 —
      2, Cake 15,000 7,000 x 8,000
      3, Venue 40,000 35,800 x 4,200

      Total 75,000 67,800 5,000 12,200

      Basically you want a list of all the items you need to the very last details and make sure you get them within your budget.
      Whatever monies you save should be used to balance out the exceeded estimate.
      If you keep within your budget things would go smoothly and less stressful money wise.

      You need to get your creative juice to flow if you are looking at your budget. Thee are what some brides do to make their wedding a lot cheaper and easier for them.
      1, Make their own wedding Invites through Do-It-Yourself
      2, Use a back garden or an open field for the wedding
      3, Get family, friends or relative to do the cooking
      4, Get a photographer to take specifics shots of the wedding and then instruct your friend or family who is good at photography to take all other random pictures
      5, Hire Wedding dress or Wedding suit
      5,Hire your chair covers and let your friends help you arrange the hall.

      Am sure they are other ways to save and use the money where it is really important. One thing you need to have at the back of your mind is that you need to choose one or two things that you feel you cannot compromise on. So, if the cake is what you want as the main attraction then budget more for this.

      Get inspirations from magazines and the internet to get an idea of what you wish to use on your wedding day.

      Hope this helps.

      Thanks and all the best,

  5. I soo much appreciate you word of encouragement and the way you respond to issues may ur source of wisdon never dry.
    Am planning to get married next year to a rich lady and I am an average guy but my father inlaw told me never to bother abt anything.Please what do you think i should do? Also,my fiance dos nt hv d ability for wedding stress

    • Hello There,
      You still have to show her that you care because you really love her don’t you? So muck into the preparation in everyway that you can. It shows that you are responsible and it shows the quality of being a head of the family.
      Be abreast of the wedding preparation, speak with your in law on happenings and I would say, do the little you can and not leave everything for your in laws. Update your fiance every now and then of what has been sorted and ask for her opinions on matters too. Afterall its her wedding too.
      Pay for something. Don’t matter how little it is. Pay for it and let inlaws know you will be sorting that aspect.

      All the very best!

      Kind Regards,

  6. My wedding is coming up April mother inlaw choose peach&chocolate bronze i decided 2 go 4 apple green bt i dnt know d colour 2 mix it with bcos of d decoration&my bridemaids.pls help m out.

    • Hi Dupe,
      In this case, try a base colour like gold or golden yellow to your green.
      Is the peach and chocolate the colours for the parents and green for yourself? Am not sure what your enquiries are.
      Did you mean your in-law wanted peach and chocolate and instead you chose to use apple green?
      Let me know.

      Kind Regards,

  7. Wow!!!
    That was awesome, it’s a very helpful tip for me.
    Keep up the good work.

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