Amazing Colours That Works

Amazing Colours That Works

I know it it might be a challenge in getting a lovely and unique colour combo for your wedding but its surprising how well some colours come together. The wedding of Sandra and Aly in Florida is an inspiration!

Check out the bridesmaids design and use of colour (Gold and Wine) in making the dress. The chief bridesmaids wore the opposite, wine with gold accessories!

Sandra and her lovely sisters stood out from the girls.

The Beautiful combination of Green and Purple  from Raheem and Aisha’s wedding below, bring a new twist that is ‘Oh So Lovely’

I like the idea of the bridesmaids wearing the two colours and the colourful parasol- Just the cherry on the icing!

See more of  Sandra + Aly and Raheem+ Aisha on Bedazzled Photography– Thanks Guys!


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  1. Ogunlala omolola : August 21, 2011 at 4:03 am

    Wow…….so lovely.gud job my wedding nigeria

  2. EJIRO SAMUEL .E. : September 6, 2011 at 10:13 am

    Nice colours can i have more.

  3. This pictures are really lovely. can i have more color display like light blue n gold.

  4. Hi,
    I must commend you for putting this beautiful site up. It has all the answers to wedding issues.
    Which is I will like you to help me with my wedding colour.
    I Love bright colours…. But He loves Blue and Just blue.
    I have decided for us to meet half way.
    I was thinking of Torquise Blue, Torquise Green and a touch of red.
    What do you think?


  5. What do you think of hot pink and sweet green as a wedding colour?

    • Perfect. very colourful so you need to be careful. Make sure you use white as your accent.
      White table cloth and chair covers, white crockeries. Let greens appear on your table flower arrangement with white and bits of pinks.

      Hope this helps,


    • Hi Chydee,

      This is perfect.
      I suggest you use different shades of pink in different parts; for the bridesmaids, decor, cake and invite. This would attract interests

      Best 🙂

  6. How can i combine wine and gold for the bride’s maids, the chief bride’s maid & the engagement dress

  7. hi,
    love the site and what you doing, God bless you. Am getting married pretty soon, but am really confused bout our colors. He like chocolate brown, and i like orange, what do u think?

    • Hello Biola!
      Thank you am glad you like the blog! Chocolate brown and orange is workable especially when used in white background and dark orange used too.

      Hope this helps,


  8. Colourful!

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