Tiffany Blue and Red Wedding Colors

Tiffany Blue and Red Wedding Colors

For a bright sparkly wedding color this season, we want to take a good look at  the color blue- Tiffany Blue to be precise. It is always important to combine a cool color with a hot color for a harmonious balance in your wedding. That’s why this color combination of blue and red in this color board, is a good choice. Notice that the bridesmaids are using red as their main color and then in the wedding decor,  the favors, cakes and all other things in the venue hall is mostly in Tiffany blue with the red used as an accent. If you are looking for a third color in this combination then you could use white, black or a deeper shade of blue like navy blue and gold.

Suggestion for a Traditional Nigerian Wedding

Yoruba Traditional Wedding: One could use a nude or cream colored blouse, Tiffany blue wrapper and ikpele with red designs then gele in red. Alternatively, go tiffany blue all the way but use red as the gele and the ikpele with hand fan.

Groom could have agbada in sky blue or very light blue and designs in red. His head cap in red too.

I like the idea of the groosmen in white top and bottom then red cap and red neck throw.

Southern Bride: I have often seen that red swede wrapper always comes out beautiful on most of the Nigerian ladies. Pairing that with a gold colored blouse  and red head scarf would not be bad at all. Whilst the brides friends could choose a deeper shade of red or blue for their wrapper.

What do you think of this combination?

Tiffany Blue and Red

|image source: bridesofnorthtexas|


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  1. i think the color is cool.I like it

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