Sequins and Velvet AsoEbi Styles

Sequins and Velvet AsoEbi Styles

So, granted we’ve been slacking seriously when it comes to the latest asoebi styles and owambe ‘tinz’ and that’s not because  we do not want to feed you with all the juicy asoebi inspirations but because we feel overwhelmed already with the amount of inspiration out there! Seriously speaking instagram is full of these. Nevertheless, we noticed that  since last year, they have been a decline in Ankara styles for weddings and great love for Velvet with Sequins. It looks like it is here to stay!

So we have compiled the recent best of velvet and sequins and hope to continue the trend!



{via:Konverge Media}

necklace and sequins

{via: @ms_asoebi, instagram}

black velvet

{via: missommy, instagram}

velvet and sequins

velvet and sequins
{via: photonimi)

What has been your latest velvet and sequin love? hashtag us on @myweddingnigeria  or asoebilookbook for your daily velvet and sequin look!


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