Ramadan Fashion Inspiration

Ramadan Fashion Inspiration

It’s the Ramadan season and we have some fresh new Ramadan fashion inspiration for you. This is just a way to tell our muslim friends that we still got your backs! Here are some fine Ramadan Jalabiyas, jlabeya and Kaftans for your Ramadan pleasure. Loving the green number tamaraalgabbani from the Tamaraalgabbani collection @Tamaraalgabbani This Royal Blue jlabeya from the @alggeed ramadhan collection IMG_20140630_223510 This Kaftan rules! I love the vibrancy of it and the hood from the @alshaikah collection IMG_20140630_223541 IMG_20140630_223557 IMG_20140630_223625 IMG_20140630_223937 And if you have to go the traditional way, this pink inspiration is way up your street. from @artilary photography IMG_20140630_091538 IMG_20140630_091907 Ramadan Fashion


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