How To Be The Perfect Nigerian Wedding Guest

How To Be The Perfect Nigerian Wedding Guest

Have you been a wedding guest lately, am sure you have! Most of us have attended one party or the other in our lifetime as they say, people are getting married every Saturday! To ensure you fit in as the perfect wedding guest, we have highlighted Five main ways to win the heart of the couple and your fellow guests.

1, Arrive On Time

I know there is always a Nigerian Time factor involved but that does not give you the excuse to arrive when the party is almost over , Item number 7 completely forgotten and the couple cake cutting missed.

The idea is to soak in the celebration enjoying every blissful moment of joy with the couple. Coming late not only spoils the fun for you ( there won’t be seat for you anyways)  but also screams selfish all over you for arriving late.

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2, Come with Your Invitation

If you are officially invited, then please do remember to come with your invitation ( Just in case). Most Nigerian wedding parties are free for all who can pass through the entrance gate but even at that most people are getting really security conscious and the security guys might be tipped to control the gate. When that happens, it usually means the polite asking of your invite. Avoid the plausible interrogation or embarrassment to yourself .


3, Invite only one personal friend if you are allowed to bring someone.

Yes, bring one friend not two. This is because, most couple are more likely to plan catering for a couple  (two people ) rather than three or four. So please be considerate enough to bring just a friend if no set rule is given in the invite. Courtesy demands that you inform or confirm from the bride and groom if more than one friend can string along. This is for the simple reasons of logistics. Those who were really invited might end up not having seats ( if there are no VIP section).


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4, Learn To Control Your Passion

People run amok during weddings don’t they? Freaking out because of the music and happy mood feeling but having said that, this is not the time to act like a wild animal without control. We know sometimes the bride or the groom gets drunk on their wedding day , are they excused? Not really. But it’s their wedding day and they will live to remember how drunk they were that day and that is enough pain for them but YOU, It is rude to be completely hay wired on that day causing havoc and embarrassment to other guests and especially to the couple.

The Perfect wedding guest would not pick a fight, Strip down or act drunk with the bride.


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Fola Lawal

5, The perfect wedding guest would wear the perfect wedding guest attire.

No one is saying you can’t be sexy but married people and elderly ones are coming to this same weddings. Do you really wish to dress like you going to a club for a wedding? Dress according to what is appropriate and condoned in your local community.  If certain ways of dressing is frowned upon , then do not bother wearing that. Find something generally acceptable. That include guys too. You want to look different then be different in a decent way except you were paid to be the clown of that day.

Guest Fashion No No!

  • Clothing that’s too skimpy or overtly provocative.
  • Costumes, except when you’ve been expressly asked to dress to the wedding theme.
  • Blue jeans and T-shirts..
  • Baseball or sports caps; large fashion hats that block other guests’ view of the ceremony.
  • Casual shoes or boots with formal or semiformal outfits.
  • Sunglasses worn indoors (except for a legitimate medical reason).
  • Boutonnieres or corsages unless supplied by the hosts.

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