Sunday Couple Pick Of The Week by PhotoSuite

Sunday Couple Pick Of The Week by PhotoSuite

We love bright colors and there is no better place to rock your bright colors than at your Nigerian traditional wedding!

We hope to bring more on Adenike Koleosho and Mr Paul Boluwaji who got married in Abeokuta yesterday. Swooning on their colors. For any Nigerian weddings, I would definitely recommend that bright sparks are used. Colors that would bring out the beauty of the asooke .

Whats your take on their colors? Take a look at this wonderful couple ? They make up the “Sunday Couple Pick Of The Week” Beautiful pictures taken by PhotoSuite and make up by  Ara creations.

Here’s wishing them all that marriage life offers together , forever in peace and love! xx

Nike and Paul 2014 1

Nike and Paul 2014 2 Nike and Paul 2014 3 Nike and Paul 2014 4 Nike and Paul 2014 5



  1. It is absolutely stunning!

  2. Cute couple! Oh I love this pictures, so sharp, bright And focused.thumpsUp!

  3. Myweddingnigeria, Thanks for the feature. Paul & Adebukola: Thanks for the comments. Really appreciate

  4. Stunning! Bright colours, u did a grt job fotosuite. Thumbs up!

  5. This really amazing. #ilikeit

  6. Awesome.rily nyc

  7. Nice color combination!!!

  8. Stunning bride. Love the look!! Flawless makeup. Nice pictures.

  9. Beautiful couple!!!Happy married life to Paul and Nike. Thumbs up to ARA Creations(makeup) and Photosuite for dis lovely work. U guys rock!

  10. Always admires Ara Creations job. Kudos!

  11. Awesome pictures.beautiful bride and groom.

  12. nice color combo

  13. Nice picture, please i will like to know or get any info from you if you also arrange or sell the fabric/lace, sewing both the bride and groom and their cost

  14. Hi,

    Please I am into a magazine for designs and I would like to have a subscription to your website and that if you can supply me with some weddings, and clothes designs.
    I have tried to do it but could not succeed to the subscription.
    So that I can publish them on my side legally

    Looking forward for your anticipation

    Best regards

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