Engagement Session of Prisca and Chibuzo By Photosuite

Engagement Session of Prisca and Chibuzo  By Photosuite

Where are you having your prewedding shoot done? If you are in Lagos and you are still wary about where to choose then you might want to consider where Chibuso and Prisca did theirs! Muri Okunola Park in Victoria Island, Lagos

A serene and perfect space for two lovebirds.  We are not surprised, this venue is an exotic place to consider. And when you have a pro photographer like David of Photosuite  it becomes a memorable and exciting experience!    We love the hand signs and the creative capture of the shoot.

The couple also looked relaxed and we are glad to have been part of this timeless moments . Wishing Chibuzo and Prisca the very best of  their wedding coming up soon! xx.

Prisca and Chibuzo prewedding

Prisca and Chibuzo prewedding

From David Of Photosuite

Chibuzo: Are you a camera cos every time I look at you I smile…

Prisca: (eyes closed)  #laughs

Lovely couple I must confess, you’ll easily feel the heat of the emotional inferno that exist between this duo.

The story of Prisca & Chibuzo was not any different from some of our couple as the prewedding venue was the first time I’d meet them in person. All our conversation before then had been via calls, texts & emails even up to their 70% payment.

We had just concluded the grand finale of the RCCG annual convention at the Redemption camp when I left directly for our agreed prewedding venue,  Muri Okunola park V.I, Lagos.

The ever willing Shola Balogun of Shobees photography was there to assist me.

So fast forward to 2:30pm on Sunday the 10th of August 2014, I met the face behind the voice, exchanged pleasantries & went down to business…We intended taking a few shots at the beach too but only if time permits. It turned out that we couldn’t but they enjoyed every bit of the shoot…

Watch out for their white wedding pictures.They’ll be tying the knot on the 13th of September at Bariga, Lagos.


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Prisca and Chibuzo prewedding Prisca and Chibuzo prewedding Prisca and Chibuzo prewedding Prisca and Chibuzo prewedding

We chose to use Muri Okunola because the place is serene, central and available on Sundays!

I advised them on a range of venues depending on  their “Pre Wedding theme” via mail but since the  only feasible date for us was a Sunday, some of the other venues were not accessible e.g Lagos city hall plus the groom had to fly in from Enugu a day before and he also agrees that Muri Park is a good choice.

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Prisca and Chibuzo prewedding Prisca and Chibuzo prewedding Prisca and Chibuzo prewedding Prisca and Chibuzo prewedding Prisca and Chibuzo prewedding
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  1. Omg….splendid work…nice shots wit great concepts…keep it photosuite

  2. Two words…#Amazingly Awesome

  3. Lovely pictures.Photosuite is doing a great job keep it up!

  4. This picture album is one album i would like to visit again and again.Do you know why?It speaks 95% of what life is all about.
    I see life as a journey as they walk away.
    I see love as they smile.
    I see joy and happiness as they dance.
    I see Partnership as they hold hands.
    I see divinity in the rays of the Sun.

  5. love in the air , lovely shoots!

  6. Thanks Myweddingnigeria for the feature!. Thanks Adebiyi & Adebukola for these encouraging words.

  7. Nice pictures.Photosuites, U rock always!

  8. Photosuites on point

  9. Ola africanpride magazine : August 22, 2014 at 7:26 am

    Awesome! Picture well taken by a gifted hand

  10. Stunning…absolutely BEAUTIFULL #note the double “L”

  11. Abidemi onaolapo : August 22, 2014 at 9:26 pm

    Whao! Its just awesome!!! Great work at d sunset shot. I love it

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