15 Single and Most Wanted Naija Dapper Guys

15  Single and Most Wanted Naija Dapper Guys

Sometimes we come across them on Instagram and we just can’t help but gawk. These naija guys have been tormenting some of us for a very long time. Now we bring them to the open. Single, delish and fresh from the oven, these hardworking guys  are  the single and most wanted naija guys for this quarter of the year. No where to hide anymore!

We couldn’t even wait to contact  them to give a brief interview but who cares? . Some were highly recommended by their own friends and we are grateful. They are still single and we want to believe they are not committed.  Amen! ( For now)

We have added their instagram handles too so you can easily connect. Just pick one please.!

( For those of you hotties still in the background, there’s no where to hide, it’s just a matter of time. We will catch you and we will expose your finest and we will HUG you!)

Starting from this TAKEAWAY.

Okija @okija

Apparently a lot of girls are after this guy. It seems he just gets cute as he gets older. But why? Why are you tormenting us naooow? Am not sure what he does for etisalat . But he sure blows hot breeze down our way. Whooosh! Where my lip gloss? Let me pucker up! POUT!


DIL @whatdadil

Hmm! DIL! DIL! DIL!. smh this guy is such a sweet guy. So humble too. When a guy who’s got everything, I mean everything and yet he does not take himself too seriously, then what else do you want? This fresh musician serenades girls with his cool voice and  good manners. You can’t catch him looking out of place too. Always on point. Not surprised he’s so many girls favourite. Dil , biko we are waiting on you. We will hunt you down to HUG you! C’moon! .. xx




We love this dude sooooooooo much we believe he shouldn’t be kept away from the picture. He’s smart, he’s young, he’s tall, he does good works and he talks a lot of sense. Do you know this Ghanaian actor? I mean my friend had to call me in London just to show me this dapper dude. Every girls dream. Please do check your heritage cause you must be a true naija boy at heart. We love you jere. Come get a hug!

Rotimi of @djexclusive83

Mr DJ exclusive is a pure delight. He is good on radio and have so many girls calling up his show. Always looking dapper with a fresh look. Heard he even looks better in person . Hmmm! Na w o! Excuse us sir, how do we meet you?  A lot of girls are ready to go through ENDURANCE just to have him by their side.

We love you and love staring at you too.. no harm intended. xx


Muda of @mrmyuguda

We don’t even know his first name but he is 360 degree of hotness. Every corner, every where you look. This guy is like a bondage to any girl o! Young, enterprising and  fine as louboutin! A lot of ride and die chicks are queuing up for him. We are ready to bid on you my dear. No offense. Name your charity and we will spend for you, with you and we got your back anytime. Just don’t forget that, Mr NaijaGQ!


Eke of @oiceke

Noooooo ! C’moon this is just not fair. You mean all this while you’ve been around? (Rihanna’s voice – Where have you been all my liiiiiiiiiiiiiife, where have you been all my liiiiiiiiiiiife) ? Only you?  Cheeeeze! Okay come take  a hug abeg.

Am not even sure what he does exactly but his page reads business development and a link on his instagram page and Eke please spare us this jokes. Come out and say hello to the house at MyWeddingNigeria. We are waiting with cupcakes and bubbles.


Marco of @marcomartinez45

Urban Apparel Designer Label. Other guys even attest to the fact that his swag is something else. We don’t mind spending the whole day with him. Oh! we don’t need a view either thank you. His view is the best view.  Haha! A blessing to our generation.


Praiz of @officialpraiz

Awarding winning X3m music. Recording artist and music producer. Do you remember the sweet song: Rich and Famous? yes ! that’s him. Oh boy! It was almost like we were living in Mars until we bumped into this famous hotty. Good height, good voice, good looks.. I mean his sense of style is impeccable. We always have reasons to praize the Lord when we see him.

Seyi of @seyiturbophotography

One of the most handsome in the field of photography. He has a dual talent of being a lawyer. Yes! this fresh dude still goes to court houses and still shoots beautiful weddings. As in, what more do you want? #Finito. #Justsayyes #lastbusstop . Fresh boy no hustle.  Seyi is pure talent . The icing on the cake. Cutie pie!

Simi of @simivijay

An understated fresher who is also in the world of photography. We love his artistic side. He doesn’t only have a beautiful heart, he is also on the most wanted list of most girls in Naija. Simi is the good guy you want to take home to mama. Hardworking and always ready to support a good cause. A gem at heart. We love him plenty. Hugs ..xx


Uti of @Siruti ( Uti Uwachukwu)

Okay where do we start from? He  is not only down to heart, this guy cannot be found fault with his looks and that killer eyes.  He is soo fine. He gives Shivers. There’s always this charisma around him when he is around. Irresistable no lie.


Richards @Richsheidu

We couldn’t even really check out what he does through IG but we know it is genuine. He was highly recommended from a friend of the house and he sure looks fine. He looks like a ball of fun to be with, quiet but pure romantic. We are already measuring his eligibility from his looks . How vain you say but we are allowed abeg.. free us. Call?

Rich Sheidu

John @Johnj___

He also came highly recommended and this is what they said about him. He’s the sweetest dude you could ever be with with. He’s young and enterprising too. He looks too cute for words and we are literally grinning can’t stop just looking at him. Hugs!

John J 1

John J

15 Dudes … no we rephrase.. 15 Hot Dudes waiting to be picked up. Behave girls! ( wink) who will you be spending the day with?



  1. Seyi turbo is my man crush everyday

  2. Hawt Hawt Hawt…. Uti my boo

  3. how come they are still single…..hmmmm too good to be true

  4. not interested

  5. Gpd bless your mothers, boys…..


  7. All so gorgeous…can’t seem 2 make a pick …#thinking#

  8. So cute creatures,God tank u,luv em guys u rock

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