5 Must Visit Honeymoon Destinations In Nigeria.

5 Must Visit Honeymoon Destinations In Nigeria.

So many people think honeymoon is not worth the stress, some even think it is a waste of time and money. Honeymoon is a chance for newlywed couples to get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and the stress they encountered from planning their wedding. The idea is for couples to get away from whatever conditions they consider as normal and spend time with their new spouse, just enjoying each other before you are thrown back into the busy lives that you both lead. A time for  them to relax and spend some romantic  (and intimate) time together in a very special location.

 You need not travel outside the country for your honeymoon or spend a lot of money, we have compiled five great honeymoon destinations in Nigeria for you to choose from or recommend to a friend.
Gashaka-Gumti National Park
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Located close to the border with Cameroon in north-east Nigeria, Gashaka-Gumti National Park is the largest national park in Nigeria. The sheer expanse of the forest covering 6,402 kilometer square is breath-taking. Gashaka-Gumti is famous for having a diverse ecosystem and very scenic. The northern sector of the park features more of grassland while the southern sector is mountainous. Visitors will get to see a variety of fauna and flora. This is the perfect destination for couples on honeymoon who want to see the wildlife in Nigeria, sightseeing animals such as wild dogs, lions, golden cats, elephants and the rare Adamawa Mountain Reedbuck. From watching the primates to the bird life, there is so much of the natural environment to take in at Gashaka-Gumti National Park.
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Okomu National Park
Situated to the north west of the ancient city of Benin, Okomu National Park is a fascinating rainforest in Ovia South-West, Edo state. The park is a blissful forest where you experience the beauty of a rainforest full of huge forest trees, several species of plants and animals. Although the forest reserve continues to shrink due to encroachment, it still holds some endangered wildlife such as the rare white-throated monkey.
Cross River National Park
At the mention of Cross River, the Obudu Cattle Ranch and Calabar festival are what comes to mind for most travellers but there is more to explore in this beautiful state. Right at the foot of Obudu plateau is the Cross River National Park which stretches on to Kanyan. It was created from Oban and Bash-Okwango forest reserves.The park is mostly untouched and unreachable in some regions and serves as sanctuary for many endangered species. It is one of the richest tropical rainforest in West Africa. The Oban Hills region of the Cross River National Park shares border with Korup National Park in Cameroon. In the national park is Agbokim Falls, the amazing seven channel stream cascade that forms what has been described as the seven faced wonder of nature. The mini zoological garden and Kwa Falls are some of the places in the park to visit.
Old Oyo National Park
Located in Oyo town in south western Nigeria, Old Oyo National Park covers an expanse of 2,528sq.km land area rich in flora and fauna. The Oyo-Ile and Upper Ogun forest reserves were combined to form a game reserve which was later converted to the national park. It is about 51 km from the acclaimed brown roof city of Ibadan.
Visitors can enjoy game viewing while riding through the park in the morning. As you take a ride on the Ogun River, you might be lucky to see a few animals drinking at the river side. Being the site of the old Oyo Empire, there are cultural and historical artefacts all around the park such as earthen pots, grinding stones and snail shells that tells the story of the ancient era.
 Part of the highlights of visiting Old Oyo National Park is the tales surrounding the Oke Agbele rockformations believed to be a woman and her baby who turned to stone for stealing cassava flour. Just as Olumo Rock was the refuge for the Egba people, Agbaku cave was the hid-out for the people of Oyo during inter-tribal wars in the olden days. A visit to the park is one you are sure to enjoy.
Kamuku National Park
As you venture to the northern part of Nigeria, a trip to Kaduna state should include a visit to the Kamuku National Park located in Birnin Gwari. The terrain of the park beautifully slopes upward to the Birnin Gwari Ridge and features delightful array of natural attractions. Just adjacent to the park is Kwiambana Game Reserve, which you could visit too.
Tourists will have a fun time exploring the scenic hill, topography and the variety of plants and animals available in the park. A visit to the park might just spike your interest in bird watching. It is one place you will find bird species such as the Secretary Bird, Abyssinian Ground-hornbill and Denham’s Bustard.Visiting Kamuku National Park is also an opportunity for you to familiarise yourself with the history of the Gwari and Kamuku people who are traditional farmers and master craftsmen. The ancient Parnono Shrine located in the park is a sacred place for the people.These five national parks are just some of Nigeria’s national park; there are more national parks and game reserves all over the country that are very much worth visiting. Travelling is a great way to get educated about different places, cultures and people in the country. Nigeria is a big country and there are more fascinating places to discover. As you tour these places and discover many more, do share your experience with us.


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