Kemi and Fred’s Fairy-tale Love Story

Heart inlove

Have you ever met a couple that their love story struck a cord in your heart? And maybe a few tears rolled down your face? Well this happened to me after watching the pre-wedding video of this deeply entwined couple. It goes beyond the physical bond, it is the spiritual bond that ties them even more.

That feeling of having met your soulmate, that eureka moment is what we have found in this couple. I really do love me a couple in love. And kudos goes to Lanre Esho Films. I dont know how he captures this moments and turn it to gold. But he does that every single time.

Okay yeah yeah, let me quit gushing about this couple so you can hear their love story from the video below…Uhm I could here the attraction, love, deep respect crackling in the fiery video… Lips sealed now.. Just watch…

Instagram: @lanreeshofilms


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