10 Stunning Must-have PreBaby Shoots

10 Stunning Must-have PreBaby Shoots

I must warn you before anything tho.. you will definitely become broody after seeing these pictures.

Pregnancy never used to be celebrated in this part of the world.  Do you remember the fashion lifestyle of pregnant women back in some years past ?  Big ‘bubu’, oversized trousers and shirts. Oh My days!  It was a period of plain ridiculous! During those times, I never wanted to have anything to do with pregnancy. Some pregnant women grew to be so unkempt and just looked boring and unattractive.

Well, thank goodness not anymore! Pregnancy has never been so celebrated like ever before in this generation.  Now almost every pregnant chick wants a baby shower! Having a baby without a pre-baby shoot is like.. who does that? Ever seen a pre-baby shoot on instagram and be like… I want to do same.. heck  even if I have to fake it! ( lol) Because, welcome to the whole new world of  super glam pregnant women who is helping us understand that although having a baby is a life changer, pregnancy  can be carried with grace, beauty and …..( you fill in the gap). More power to all the supermums -to-be who is inspiring us to get pregnant! E kare oooo!!!

If you are pregnant, we hope these pictures inpires you, motivate you and  encourage you to look your best while pregnant! If you are not pregnant, well you now have something to dream about…It is well.

  1. PURPLE GLORY- This  style of dressing is one of the most popular for moms-to be. It snuggles their body and accentuate the prove of motherhood. A bright colour dress is the key to nailing one like this.

cpalmerphoto Screenshot_2016-07-07-07-42-23[1]

2. BLACK LUST: Trust Draya michelle to bring on glam. For a first choice, I would not  pick a black dress for a shoot like this but this dress is a bomb for looking sexy-cool whilst pregnant. She looks ahmazeballs! Go Draya! .

Draya PreBaby

3.  THAT RED DRESS: Get me a red dress  and light my heart! Just take a good look at her. She doesn’t need any other thing like accessories to make this picture work. It just works because that is what a red dress does for you. (Helloo…?) She nailed this one time. Very simple but so on point.

Red Dress

4 .THE BLUE DRESS:Blue is a happy colour. We love the wind effect which makes her looka amazingly happy for this beautiful shoot.


5. The PINK LACE: There is something whimsical about this picture below. Maybe because it’s a lace or maybe because the dress is from @waltercollection. Whetever it is, it looks graceful. I love the idea of a baby pram by her side. Everything looks like a dream.. beautiful


6. THE NUBIAN QUEEN: Awwww…. she looks so pretty with the turban and the print fabric. Who wouldn’t want a pic like this? Very elegant and full of grace.

nubian look green tangerine

7.  FLOWER GIRL: The flower on her hair and that sexy number. Her style is a winner for the great out-doors. Keeping it  up girl.

Yellow Glam

8. COLOUR BLOCK: Any thing for a colourful dress and when we colour block in the beautiful summer period, all the better. The combination is perfect for this mom to be, worth taking a good try with this.





9. CHIC LACE: She carries this lace dress so effortlessly well. What would you expect from a stunning model mum? We love this picture of her celebration of her pregnancy.

kare kare


10. CLASSIC WHITE: Timeless is the word we always look for when we see a lady white and a mom in white wow wow wow is all we have to say, why not if not go with the full lenght white dress gorgeous look.


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