Adaeze & Obinna Igwe Exquisite Wedding Photos

Adaeze & Obinna Igwe Exquisite Wedding Photos

True love stories never have endings

Bride’s Story

Obinna is an amazing, young, handsome and inspiring man. He is always willing to learn, take corrections and make himself a better person. I am really proud of him. He is compassionate, emotional and loving. I feel lucky and blessed to have you by my side. Meeting him was just unimaginable and how things played out was more like a risk that turned out glorious. He encourages me to do more and makes me feel like the most beautiful woman in the world, who makes me believe in myself when self-doubt attempts itself.

I met Obinna in a very unusual place where I least expected and things moved by so fast. The first day we met physically, he proposed and a month after, we did our court wedding with his father around. I wonder why I never met him all along. He has humbled himself in our relationship and make things work. He is an amazing and awesome father who has never closed his eyes on us. He would do anything to see his family happy. There have been many times when I wondered if we would last long because we have been through some tough times in the past. Thank God that we have, and I have to thank Obinna for it. Without your dedication, humiity, commitment, courage and strength, I don’t think “we” would have existed and I don’t know where I would be now.

Being your wife has made me so happy. It’s even better than my most beautiful day dreams and my most favorite childhood memories. You’ve made marriage seem so easy and want to be in it forever. My rock and inspiration, my baby; the many success and achievements that I have in my life are because of your love and support. They wouldn’t have been possible without you. I am excited and looking forward to renewing our vows in a new way in the presence of our family and friends back home in Nigeria. You are the satisfaction of my expectations.

I love you!

Groom’s Story

Adaeze is unlike any person I have ever met. She’s loving, kind, gentle, patient, stubborn in a way but no regrets because that was what I prayed for and did I mention hot!? She’s many more things, but those are the gifts I learned about her very quickly. Yes, I doubted if she was a Nigerian when she first told me her name when we met. Most people don’t know how we met so I will give some information here and further on our special day. I met Adaeze on an online platform and we became good friends and from there we grew into something more important and today we’re parents to a beautiful 2 years old daughter.

Rewind to September 2014 we never saw us today, December same year she traveled to Nigeria and spoke once during her stay in Nigeria and I was scared her parents gave her out for marriage, wanted to hook her up or arrange a man for her after she never texted or called me for days, days turned weeks and out from nowhere boom her call came and I was supper excited she called me, but as a sharp dude I never wanted her to know I was so excited with her call. We met first in person, Feb of 2015 and guess what? I popped the question on our first meeting because it was love at first sight and after her first conversation with my dad, he said she is a good girl. I can remember his first conversation with her in January of 2015, he said to me “Dude, that kid is a good kid, marry her for real and love her” and I never regretted marrying her and listening to my father.

Oh… I almost forgot this one, guess what? My daddy bought me the Engagement ring.. This is my little secret please don’t tell Adaeze. Thank you Daddy and we appreciate your support and love for our daughter. Knowing and growing closer to Adaeze has been life changing. I’m not going to say ‘wind beneath my wings’ because that could be used against me for the rest of my life, but she has indeed made me a better person. I love her with all my heart and look forward to the day we renew our vows and more in our Nigeria wedding and traditional rights and I will call her my wife again without any sort of regrets or doubts. Now I know why they said behind every successful man, there is a good woman, meeting Adaeze really imposed great confidence in me striving to be a better person, husband, father, son, son-in-law and brother. I’m a graphic designer, repair tech, businessman jerk of trades master of non, not a writer okay!


Vendors & others:
Photography/Videography: Gaff Multimedia @gaffmultimedia
Decorator: @Edythom_events
Makeup: @jojostouch
Cocktail: @houseofst.benedicta
Event Planner: @3003events


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