5 Wedding Tips Every Bride Should Know Before Their Wedding

5 Wedding Tips Every Bride Should Know Before Their Wedding

It’s the wedding season and plans are gearing up for the weddings of 2014! Are you ready? Have you gotten your dress yet, bridesmaids dresses, cake, makeup and ring? There are loads of wedding tips that would help you cool off too and time and time again, we will continue to give you some real tips from real wedding vendors here in Nigeria and hopefully uselful anywhere you are in the world.

These  vendors have worked along so many brides and grooms successfully and can tell you firsthand what to expect and how to make yours a  little easier.  These advise are real so take it to heart.

If you do have more questions concerning the tips, then please do reach us directly.

1, GET A VISUAL IDEA  By Phoenix Suits

When getting your wedding suit; thing to look out for are:

If you are patronizing a Suit store you need to have a visual idea of what you want to look like.

Your suit should be fitted, if there is extra space at the suit shoulder then its too big.

You should be able to button the jacket conviniently

Half inch or full one inch of your shirt must show beneath your jacket by the cuff

While standing straight and your hand cant cup the lower hem of your jacket then the jacket is too long; if the jacket cant cover you rear(bum) then its too short.

Trends apart;Turn-ups are well suited for trousers of tall men while short men will do go with the trouser being straight without turn up.

  phoenix suits 5


The most important thing when you’re considering your wedding day hairstyle is not to change who you are, you much remember to be yourself and not to change your style dramatically.

The key to having the perfect bridal hairstyle really does depend on the hair relationship you have with your stylist. This is such a key part of looking good, and feeling good on your big day. Your hair dresser should know your hair texture, your face shape, volume and Density.

Bridal hair must not be an Updo, if extensions is not your personal style, don’t be tempted to go for it.
Factors your should also consider when choosing your bridal hairstyle, the neckline of your dress denotes everything , its best to work your hairstyle around this so that you have a seamless look on that day.
Also take a picture of your dress to show your stylist. If your getting married on a beach and you want to wear your hair down be prepared for it to get windswept and look undone an updo is preferable.
Your hair Clips and Earrings should compliment your hairstyle and Dress.

Unique Berry Hair

3, RUN YOUR TOOBRUSH OVER YOUR LIPS By Lamide of Tints ‘n’ Ties Makeup Pro

 For makeup always insist on a trial . Though seasoned MUA’s  would ask that you make a deposit before the trial which is fine as long as you have gone through their portfolio. Some do take nothing less than 50-70%

For optimum results with your lipstick, ensure you run your toothbrush over your lips daily as you brush.

Skincare is very important for makeup to come out good, plenty of water, facials  e.t.c


4, HAVE FUN Mr Mahogany ( Sola) of Mahogany International. Events/Projects Director

No matter what happens on your wedding day, have fun, enjoy it and go with the flow. Things will always go wrong, no matter how well you plan and if you start worrying about all the things that may or are going wrong, it would definitely spoil your day. So the best thing is to go with the flow and leave your wedding planner, friends and family to sort out any issues that may arise and you just have a great time – no matter what.


You will be amazed at some of the things that may go wrong or occur on your wedding day and these can include such things as the wedding car breaking down, getting stuck in traffic and this turning up very late. Not to mention arriving at the reception venue and it is not ready. How many times has it been known for the groom or the best man to lose the wedding the rings. The best man or chief bridesmaids fall ill or even worse hate each other and are openly displaying on your wedding day. Family feud on the D-day are a very common occurrence but I guess one of the worse things that can ever happen is when someone might just mistakenly drop the wedding cake. These are some of the real problems that some couples face on their wedding day. Usually, when that happens, the coordinator of the day should be able to sort things out.


The bride should in NO way get flustered, angry or get involved in trying to sort things out but just turn a blind eye, cuddle up to her husband and enjoy the day, because trust me after the event you will look back at the mishaps and have a good laugh and they would become good fun stories to recite over the years.

Mr Mahogany


5, AVOID CHOOSING BRIDEMAIDSZILLAS By Seyi of Seyi Charles George Photography

The bridal train or the bridal party should be made up and dressed before the bride. This helps the photographer to have a mini photo session before they leave for the venue.

They are bridezillas and then they are bridesmaidszillas. They spend so much time getting ready, get their own makeup artist and sometimes throw tantrums . It’s just not proper and fair to create drama on someone’s wedding not yours. Please do not forget that!

Seyi Charles George


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