Akara Ogheneworo PresentsTomi and Seni’s Traditional Wedding

Akara Ogheneworo PresentsTomi and Seni's Traditional Wedding

See our latest Nigerian Wedding couple Tomi and Seni. One thing I like about the yoruba wedding is their rich culture and tradition from the “fitting of the cap”, the “egbe iyawo” and “bowing down” of the groom and his friends are just one of the many traditions that makes it one of the unique type of weddings in the world. Tomi and Seni’s own is not an exception.

I love the story of how they met too! It tells you one thing tho.. Love never gives up! We are glad to share this beautiful wedding story kindly submitted byAkara Ogheneworo Photography . We love her Red and Beige color of Asooke used in the traditional wedding and we hope you do get inspired as much as we do here . Much love and a happy marriage life. xox


Name of Bride: Tomi Lasebikan  Name of Groom:  Seni Afilaka

Date of Wedding : 16th November 2013       Venue of ceremony: Bishop’s Court, College Road, Ondo

Venue of Church: St Stephens Cathedral, Oke-Aluko, Ondo   Venue of reception: Oba Adesanoye Civic Centre, Ondo

Wedding Color: Shades of Blue (For the day)


How Did We Meet?
Hmmmm…. We both finished from the same Higher Education Institution, although we never met in person. About 5 years ago, a colleague of mine, who is married to a friend of his thought it best to introduce us. Well… it never worked – we were not at all interested. One year on – we met on a street in Surulere,  I was walking down the road and there he was – we chatted for a couple hours, and went our separate ways.
Six months after, we bumped into each other while shopping for groceries, he took my number, and I gave it thinking ” I’m sure it will pass.. just like other times”. Alas!!! it did not…


We had a year to put things in place, and we took it step by step – We had a schedule and spreadsheet, and we just worked through it all. Every plan has its challenges – We kept adding more and more into what needed doing. We did succeed in the end and we had No regrets!

Highlights Of The Wedding

Seeing all my family and friends there – I was pleasantly surprised to see people I had not seen in a really long while in attendance… I kept pointing fingers and screaming.. They made my day!!

 Any Advice To Other Brides: ‘Have fun on the day, ignore everybody else, because the day goes by really quickly’ – A friend told me that, and we adhered to it. It was totally worth it.


Make up – Ayo’s Touch – 08183367474, 08023527908
Cake Maker: Dam Good Bakes – 08033076041, 08084715525
Photograph – Ogheneworo Akara Photography – 08025019121, 08183557625
Grooms Suit – Suits Supply
Wedding Dress – Angel forever by Elegancia


  1. Attire,Photography, makeup ; super! Beautiful!

  2. Lovely pictures. ..love the bride’s makeup too


  4. ME TOO 😉

  5. Awesome!!!!!!!!

  6. I have known the bride since i was three years old. This is so amazing…

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