Happy new month family… we are so happy to begin the month with this absolutely beautiful pre-wedding photo session of two people that are obviously and clearly in love-Tosin and Dami. Their Love story may seem short but as the saying goes….’feelings are many ,words are few’

read their love story below….


The Bride.
Our love story is actually long but Of course I will make it short! we met in 2003 during my matriculation, he asked me out but I turned him down but we remained very good friends….. Fast forward to 2010, we became best friends, dated for four years ( which he was away for most part). My Hommie, my lover, my best friend!  God is definitely involved in this❤️.

Tosin&Damiiii Tosin&Dami40 Tosin&Dami39 Tosin&Dami25 Tosin&Dami30 Tosin&Dami35 Tosin&Dami36 Tosin&Dami38 Tosin&Dami7 Tosin&Damiii