Care For Your Wedding Dress

Care For Your Wedding Dress

I got this great tips on how to care for your wedding dress, before and after and couldn’t wait to share. For those of you thinking it would do  just to squeeze and fold that dress into your trunk until God knows when. Well, you need to have a re-think after this important tips. Tips culled from: Justin Alexander



We’ve received a lot of questions about wedding dresses regarding before and after care. We put together three tips to care for your dream dress before and after the wedding that will ensure your dress stays in the best condition. These three simple steps will allow you to create a family heirloom and treasure it forever.

1.Where and how do you recommend storing the dress before the wedding?
If the bridal shop allows you to store your gown until your wedding day – take advantage of it! This way, you won’t have to worry about storing it and you’ll be able to keep the dress a surprise from your fiance and anyone who visits your home.

If you’re storing the dress at home, hang it up in a duvet cover or garment bag to prevent dust and light from getting to it. Only hang it in your closet if it fits comfortably. If you don’t have enough space in your closet make sure to hang it away from windows and any light source.

Bonus tip:
If you’re keeping the dress at home don’t try it on and don’t show it to anyone! We’ve heard horror stories of brides who tried it on and spilled wine and food on it. Your wedding dress should be a surprise, just refrain from trying it on before your wedding.

Your fiancé stepped on the train a few times, you somehow got lipstick on it and it’s a bit sweaty from all the dancing, so how do you bring your dream dress back to life?

1.Do you recommend for me to DIY and clean my dress or should I get it professionally cleaned?
Always, always, always get your wedding dress professionally cleaned. We’ve heard too many unfortunate stories in which brides tried to clean their own wedding dress and ended up ruining it. Ask your bridal salon for cleaning service recommendations.

Lace is often dyed and will lose its color if it’s not cleaned correctly. Don’t skimp out on getting your dress professionally cleaned, you will regret it if it’s not done correctly. Remember this is your dream wedding dress, so continue to treat it this way even after your wedding.

2.Where and how should I store the dress after it has been cleaned?
Some cleaners and bridal stores offer wedding dress preservation services. Ask your bridal store (or friends and family who have recently gotten married) to recommend a trusted wedding dress preservation service. Most preservation services remove stains and package your gown in a beautiful box.

Bonus tip:
There is one wedding dress after care DIY we approve of- storing your own wedding dress. Use a box that is big enough in order for your dress to lay comfortably. Line the box and wrap your dress in acid free tissue paper. Close the box , label it and just keep it out of the light.

|Jim Hjelm: Glamour|


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