Wedding Gifts
Perfect Wedding Gift for Him

Perfect Wedding Gift for Him

It is often most difficult to look for that something special that he doesn't already have. For many just a simple short love letter to their groom is just enough Read More

My Big Nigerian Wedding

We all know how we do it! We do it BIG and we do it well! Nigerian weddings, much like the Asians are normally less short of a fanfare. Its no news that we get guests of about 200-350 for the ceremony. It is , therefore, imperative to get things right at the start. However,... Read More

Wedding Favours Please?

Unique wedding favours are essential to make your wedding stand out Read More

Unique Wedding Gifts

Have you ever wondered, what unique wedding gift would you give to your friend getting married? Most people run out of choice or even forget until a day before the wedding day, run to the shops to get something almost half of the other guests would end up getting. If you are concerned about not buying the usual... Read More

Yellow and Chocolate Wedding Combo!

Yellow and chocolate!! Hope you like this. Read More

Wedding Cake Ideas!!!

Read More

Guide to your Wedding Gift

Going for a wedding, you are no doubt puzzled with an inevitable age old question – What should I give? Most wedding attendees would like to be different but just don’t know how to. How do you guarantee that your gift to the couples would be appreciated or even loved? There are simple rules that... Read More
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