Choosing Your Wedding Attire – Colours That Match

Choosing Your Wedding Attire - Colours That Match

The bride’s gown doesn’t have to be solid white, especially since color accents are increasingly more available. A blue or red sash around the waist is striking and still very bridal.

The groom and his guys can also sport colour in their ties or on their cuff links. But colour will be most prominently displayed throughout the day in the bridesmaid dresses.

Some fervent folks might want to match the dresses to the invitation ribbons, the favour tags, and the bouquets but this is not the only way to define a style.

Mixing and matching dresses in varying shades — pink and orange, or pale green and yellow — can sometimes make a statement stronger than uniformity.



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  1. Hy, gud day got ur adress online. Pls kindly help me out. I’m planning a traditional marriage and a white wedding on same day .I would like to incoporate the following colors. Navy blue,peach,wine and silver. Kindly help me out on hw to combine them. Tnx. I dnt knw hw to get ur reply thoug. Wld u mind emailing me? Tnx agn

  2. Hi Babs…. peach color tie is good but since its a wedding.. i will suggest you go for a white look classy. get a deep camel colored suit or tux. a dark gray suit can also be good on this.. wear on black pants .. then a bow black . Your pocket square should then be in blue or peach.. if you do not like black bowtie.. go for the peach

  3. This is really interesting, this is d real place to be 4 ur wedding info. Dear please keep up d good work.

  4. reuben bridget : April 8, 2015 at 12:34 am

    Hi good day, I got your address online. pls I need you to help me ,am planning my traditipn marriage is coming up next month have not really choice the colour I want to use for the tradition and the white wedding but am lookout for dark blue and wine colour but I thinking of wearing silver shoe on it. but the white wedding I need you to choose the best match for me. what my cheif braids mate we put on, and the best man will but on, and the girls with the men suit what will they wear. tnkx

  5. Hi Reuben,
    Congrats on your trad wedding coming up.

    Dark Blue or Navy blue is a perfect match with Silver. Are you dark in complexion? Go for the navy blue. Are you fairer? go for wine color. Either way , wine is good with silver just as blue is also same. You can add other accent( secondary colors) . For instance, if you decide to use Blue, you can use blue and gold, blue and pink, blue and mint green ( peacock color)
    blue and creamy yellow is also not a bad idea.
    Wine is perfect with pink, apple green or light green, gold.
    For your white, they are so many colors to choose from. You can start from the colors that you love. Or based on colors that are on trend ( Green, Gold, Blues). You can also base your colors on the weather/ fruit seasons. (Carrot color, mango yellow or mango green)

    Any thoughts?

    Let me know.

    Kind Regards,

  6. Hi pls help me out with my aso ebi cloth..wht colour did u think i shld use
    will be getting married in sept..

  7. Hi Sarah,

    Congrats Sarah! I would need more info to know what color would suit your skin tone. Do you have a lighter skin tone or shade.
    You can go champagne gold all through with a pop of color in your gele /ikpele. Here are some lovely combinations

    Purple and Sky Blue
    Purple and Yellow
    White and Magenta
    Lilac and white
    Yellow and Black

    Let me know.


  8. I have red green and white for my wedding, could orange be good to combine with it.

  9. Hi Chioma,
    You have to tell me what you are using the colors for. What are you matching Orange with?
    Orange is very good with white and green . Not a very popular choice for Red.

    Hope this helps,


  10. Pls were doing wedding dis next sarturdey. We plan to hold d bach’eve on thursday nd we wnt to go in custoom way like wearing d same top, pls wot colour can we use? D colour code is yellow nd locust blue

  11. Pls my white wedding is coming up in November. My colours are coral,pink and gold. I want d flower girls to be in pink, chief bridesmaids to be in gold and the confetti girls in coral. My fiancé want to wear off white suit on black pants and his men on black suit. Pls are the colors too much. What will the grooms men wear as tie. Pls I also need a colour for my asoebis. Thank you

  12. Hi Edith,

    Congrats to you!
    Coral, Pink and Gold are a good combo. Your girls are good. I would suggest that the guys wear black ties or go for army/ olive green. However, since the groom is on off white and black, I would strongly choose the black tie.

    Sea green, Teal, Gold,Orange and Fuchsia are examples of colours that you could consider.

    Hope this works.

    Kind Regards,

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