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    Good Day,
    > My wedding is in June and i have chosen turquoise and gold as my colors but i don\’t know how to use this colors anywhere, please i need your advice



    hi. my wedding is in August,and i’m considering using mint green, peach and a bit of orange. thing is.i dont know how to arrange the colours for the bridal train and grooms men, and even d groom. please i need your advice. thank u


    Hello Chioma,
    A Lot of people seemed to be using Turq these days.. Throwing in a bit of melon or even orange would be great. Let the girls use the orange or melon whichever you choose to use then concentrate on using white and turq for the decor.. let the flowers or any of your props be in melon or orange… This will uplift the blue and white.

    Hope this helps,



    Hi Kachi,
    I love the colour of mint green and peach.. let the girls wear a lovely dress in mint green and gold…. having bouquet in cream and peach… You, can then have your shoes in orange or peach, if you like.
    The groomsmen can use black suit, waist coat in black, white shirt and then tie in stripes of different shade of green.. Groom can wear slate gray( dark gray suit) silver wedding waistcoat, white shirt and tie in silver too. Then his button hole ( manflower) in peach and orange or green .. really depends on what colour you want to highlight… whatever colour of flower he is using, try and match that up with any accessory you wish to use.

    Hope this helps,



    helen o.o.

    hi anita i sent you a mail last week concerning my wedding coulours but no reply from you.my wedding is on october and i want to combine brown,cream.apple green,maroom/red and a touch of purple.pls how do i combine these colours.


    my name is ruth fregene

    hi, i need ur advice pls, which color will tone down lemon and orange, my brother is getting married next month and his fiancee choose the color i mentioned above.


    Rather than use lemon , lemon green is safe. But if this colours are used already then let the decor for the reception be in white or ivory including your drapins. your color should come alive in the attire and floral arrangement. Lemon and orange is always a very tricky affair unless you want a carnival styled wedding, your chair covers tie could have both colours used with the table and chair covers in white.
    Hope this helps,


    Hello Helen,

    Are these colours for both your trad and white wedding?
    I like the idea of maroon red and apple green with cream on one end and then beige rather than brown with purple on the other side.

    Let me know,

    P.S: I am more likely to answer colour questions if posted on the colour article rather than the forum.



    I’m about to wed soon. my colors are Grey/silver, white and Gold. I had already choose to wear a Grey/silver suit a white shirt and a Gold Waistcoat with a Gold tie. The Grooms men will be wearing a Black suit white shirt and a Silver tie. While the Bridal train whill be wearing a Gold fitted knee gown and a touch of Gold with a silver shoe. Please tell me this color and combination is okay i need ur urgent response today infact now. Thanks !


    helen o.o.

    hi anita, thanks for your reply.maroon red is my colour but cream and brown is my husband’s colour, i ve decided to scrape the purple out.the colours are for both traditional and white wedding so how do i use them?



    Hi Anita,my wedding is coming up soon in November and i can’t makeup my mind about my colours.I found a dress in ivory and gold and i do want a touch of purple too but dont know how to arrange the bridal train,groomsmen,groom attire and the decore for my big day..Please i really need your help

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