Hot Pink and White Color Combo

Hot Pink and White Color Combo

It’s 2016 and after a long hiatus from the color board, am happy to get the inspiration flowing again. First though, I must apologize for the ‘MIA’. Sometimes we get too busy chasing stuffs and in the process, neglect other important things; like color boards!  Our color boards have always been the building block of this blog and will always be our first love and I hope to continue this mood board as the month rolls by.

Do not forget to drop your comments and let us know what you think of the color combo. Invite your friends to check it out too and refer the colors to friends who might really need the inspiration for their wedding.

This year, as the last year, we are closely monitoring all traditional color trend from real brides! For the brides to be planning their wedding, here is the best blog to visit because we shall be using real life brides in our everyday color board. From this, you should be able to see not only what colors are trending but also an idea on how you can combine these colors for your weeding day.

It’s amazing to see that white is having a comeback despite its disappearance sometimes last year. I love the way Titi combined the white with a pop of hot pink. Other colors that would match this in her decor is beige, cream and gold.

This is the trick: Use a neutral color like white, grays, gold or beige and then pop it out with any hot color like reds, Hot Pink, Orange or Purple. Remember, using different shades of same hue always works out fine

Tell me what you think of the board below?

Hot Pink and White

Pics Credit:

Bride: Titi Ajagbe @photosbytitiajagbe

PlateSetting and Cake @stylemepretty

Weddings Cards: Google




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