Instagram Saturday Top Picks

Instagram Saturday Top Picks

How have you been spending the weekend so far?It’s been a hot day and pretty hot Instagram inspirational ‘like’ pictures too. We are cooling off with some chilled drinks just doing nothing but gazing at these loverlies! Time to relax and see our Instagram faves for the Saturday.

1,  Okay reason why this is tops my list is, you guessed right. The sheer cuteness of this picture . Too cute for Saturday.

ankara fashion

 {via; @bambinocreationz}

2, Reason this picture is topping our fave five is because of the flawless makeup and the whole aso-oke ensemble matching up her gele with a bridal purse made of the same fabric. I would not necessarily advise this but it works with this color and makeup look. Great works.

blue asoke

{via; not sure}

As a creative person, when I see creativity, am happy. This bridal hair was creatively finished up with pearls. I love it! by elmai elmai

{via: @elmai_elmai}

A stunner I must say, this northern bride definitely would top my list of Instagram picks this week

chic galleria

{via; @chic_galleria}

I am always looking forward to seeing more of northern brides. Not only are they beautiful to look at, the nikkai is one big Northern wedding tradition that I love to feature everynow and then. Take a look at this beauty below and imagine what the wedding would look like.

bride by George Okoro


Loving the colors of pink and blue. Quite striking and I must confess beautiful as peacock! This girls rock.

asoebi gals by george okoro

{via: @georgeokoro}



  1. Ben Aanu Gopald : March 9, 2014 at 11:45 pm

    Pink and blue color combination is actually really good

  2. Pink and blue color combination is actually really good

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