My Wedding Decor!

My Wedding Decor!

Your colour is Pink and his colour is Blue, so you want the style and theme of your wedding to resonate these chosen colours then you or your wedding planner come up with pink napkins, pink and blue flowers, pink clothes for the bridesmaids, pink sashes for the chair covers, pink and blue drapery… everything all matching!
It is quite easy to get caught up in the matching game. Although it’s your choice and seem like everyone is doing it,however be careful not to INSIST on doing the same  and honestly, your wedding planner should know better than drown the venue hall with one particular colour. Choose to be distinct!
Colours should be used strategically and creatively without being overly loud and harassing to the eyes. For example if the colour theme is pink and blue

  • Your bridesmaids can go full-on with pink.
  • The bouquet does not need to have pink. Some moments of blue could be on it otherwise choose a fresh and exotic look.
  • The sashes in the chair covers could have either pink or blue; in that case, the serving plates and napkins do not necessarily need to be the in the same colours. If the napkins, serving plates and drapery is pink and blue, then keep the chair covers plain white including the sashes.

Layering your main colour with another is also a great way to get your theme across without painting everything pink. Here is a simple use of pink in the decor.

This wedding is a “Gold and White” wedding. Notice the colour of the table cloth as against the gold napkin and sashes.

Sometimes the centrepiece is just enough to carry the story or the theme of the wedding like this below. This is a red, blue and black wedding theme.

This decor below is simple and refreshing without overly the top!



  1. Hello Dorcas,

    It would be nice to have silver on it.. silver and white.. Hope this helps.


  2. Hi Again,

    Gold in really small amount and cream in the background is okay— if the pink is light pink..


  3. Hello, really want to appreciate you for ur good works.. It’s been helpful… Pls am looking at using champagne gold, peach and white for my colours…. I don’t know if it’s a good one… Pls can u enlighten me more on how to combine the colours. Tnx

  4. Hi Stella, Your colours are good.

    Do you want colour combination for white or trad wedding?

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