Ndidi and Gideon Become One

Wedding photos of Ndidi and Gideon

We have an adorable couple here that goes against the popular norm of love and first sight. Hear their love story below and be inspired by their lovely wedding photos.


I met Gideon Ayere(Giddy)in 2012 when I was sent by my boss to get certain document from the bank. At the time, the company i’m still presently working with just moved to its new location which wasn’t far from Giddy’s work place. He greeted me with a warm smile while a colleague was trying to attend to my request. Got a phone call later on from him which consistently happens then he proposed a lunch date has to agree cos it was a lunch and I considered it’s innocent. Funny thing was that I wasn’t interested in him at that time n later we lost touch. In Nov 2014 we reconnected via whatsapp and got along more intimately. A year after Nov 2015 we began man and wife all happened just like that…God did it and am very grateful(my year of good things)

Groom :

 I’ve always dreamt of having a woman who is independent, confident and daring. These qualities I saw in Ndidi( Didi) the first time I saw her walk into the branch bank I was working with then. Later got her number and after much calls for a lunch date,she finally obliged. That was in 2012. We were out of touch for about 2 years n one day as I was scrolling thru some of my old contacts, voila! I stumbled into her number. Then decided to send her a message on whatsapp which almost discouraged me cos it took her many days to respond N when she did respond, was asking too many questions but I refused to be discouraged. Her shakara was too much jare but I kept pressing on N today exactly a year after God brought us together as man n wife. I thank God for giving me a strong woman, who is not just humble, respectful, patient as her name implies (Ndidi), good( nwanyi oma) n hard working but who is also God – fearing. My Didi, my queen, my love n my best friend. This was meant to be n was ordained by God because for some reasons we both met at the time we were really ready to take the next step in life. N we just want to thank Almighty God for making this day a dream come true. We r each other’s harvest, we r each other ‘s business, we r each other ‘s magnitude n bond. Ndidi&Gideon17 ndidi Ndidi&Gideon25 Ndidi&Gideon24 Wedding photos of Ndidi and Gideon Ndidi&Gideon22 Ndidi&Gideon20 Ndidi&Gideon19 Ndidi&Gideon18 Ndidi&Gideon17 Ndidi&Gideon16 Ndidi&Gideon15 Wedding photos of Ndidi and Gideon


Caterer- Estee catering services

Cake- Bloomy cake

Decorations- Rita’s event place

Photography: DavidljehPictures


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