Nigerian Vendor Spotlight Wedding Band En-Route

Nigerian Vendor Spotlight Wedding Band En-Route
Ever since I watched that popular movie called the wedding singer, have always known that if I can not afford to get  the One Direction or Wizkid to play on my wedding day, I would go for a good alternative by using wedding singers.
You can imagine my joy when I bumped into one recently at a friend’s wedding . This wedding band is made up of a group of very talented singers who sang cheerfully and  entertained the wedding guests so much so that everyone had massive fun. I just couldn’t believe one could get such value for money! So I decided to check them out and this is what I found out on them.
The band ‘En-Route’ is a 12-Man Live-Band, that is committed to the satisfaction of her clients. They performs exceptional LIVE MUSIC entertainment.  Their musical performance will give you a Dream Wedding, a Nostalgic Birthday Party, and an Enchanting Corporate Event. Their strength lies in their versatility, flexibility, and their adept in switching between music genre with uncanny fluidity.
Is it Blues, Reggae, Oldies or Juju, their clients will  get a perfect blend of  all including Naija Pop at their event. They also do justice to music from different era like the 50s, the 60s…to the present; and, our harmonies are ‘on point’.
I think what really blew my mind away about them was their presentation. They  work with event planners to match the couple’s  wedding colors and adhere to any strict time schedule you may have. In other words, they are NEVER late!
When you engage with them, you get a Well-Suited Live-Band, a professional range of Sound and Musical equipment, and a BONUS!
You get the services of a Disc Jockey (DJ) for FREE! The band ‘En-Route’ is a money-back guarantee of assured satisfaction

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