OMG! It’s Macaron Heaven

OMG! It's Macaron Heaven

I love Macaron… I simply adore them I remember eating so much of it I felt physically sick. Macarons are many brides’s favourites too. This delicious and colourful meringue cookie is used as desserts or used as custom wedding treats and favours to complement the wedding theme.But hey! its not just for wedding..appropriate for engagements or other parties.

They are visually appealing to the eyes and comes with different flavours + you can make them in just 30 mins or less! The basic ingredients are Egg white, Sugar and Almond. You will need some practising to get a good one but you will surely get there so why not try on one of these lazy Saturdays?? See a simple recipe here let us see your pictures when done!




















































Image:Emmalinebride Pic 2: GourmetBaking Pics 3: BelletheMagazine



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