One Fine Beach Day! Engagement Shoot Of Tokunboh and Tosin By August Fotography

One Fine Beach Day! Engagement Shoot Of Tokunboh and Tosin By August Fotography

Our beautiful prewedding inspiration is coming from these two lovebirds Tokunboh and Tosin! We love their choice of location ( Muri Okunola , Elegushi Beach) and their fashion combination is on point! We love their story too.  I mean let’s face not all girls are  left entirely clueless on proposals  and it’s not bad sometimes.

Only the sharp babes would know and feel it when the time is near but then I really do commend Nigerian guys for their romantic feats these days am really impressed and we are glad to be part of this beautiful beginning as creatively captured by August Fotography

Wishing these two lovelies the very best to come in wedlock! xx


We met in 2008 when Tk was in uni (then I was a staff). I always liked her but she did not want a relationship. I left in 2009 when I got a job at UBA, but we kept in touch. She dealt with me WELL. But we thank God it ended in praise. We started dating during her NYSC in 2012. I proposed to her on her birthday, January 15, 2014. We will be tying the knot on September 20th, 2014.

Errm.. Confession time. I knew he would propose, I just did not know how.  I remember he would stylishly check my finger, ask me if I had fashion rings (all in a bid to get my ring size). There was a day I went to his house and wanted to use his PC. As I typed “HOW”, the Google search suggestion that came was “How to propose….” And I was like…o-o-k. 
So it finally happened on my birthday, January 15, 2014. My friend, Fiyin, asked me, around 6am, “Hope you’ve fixed your nails.” And I was like, “Na! Cos it’s my birthday?” She said, “BOL (i.e Boo Of Life) will propose today. Fast forward few hours, his sister brought me a cake…and my boss was like,”Is today your intro? This looks like a wedding cake.” So, BOL called around close of business to ask if I was ready,cos he wanted to take me out. At that point, I JUST KNEW! “Why would he take a day off for a dinner?” So, after work, he asked where I would like us to go. I chose La Mango. We had dinner…and then came a lady with a cake. Then he went down and asked me to marry him. 

Proposal Story From Tosin:
I had been rehearsing for months. I asked my friends, googled ideas, watched videos…at some point, Bruno Mars’ “I wanna marry you” was my favorite song. My friend (Debbie) and I went to get the ring together.She knew the type of ring TK would like. We got the ring, I order the birthday and proposal cakes. Then I had my sister deliver the birthday cake to her. I went to La Mango to drop the cake and told them to bring it when we are about to finish dinner. I knew she loved La Mango, so I had guessed that was where she would choose. As we were looking for a parking spot, one of the ladies saw us and smiled. And TK asked “why is she smiling? Do you know her?” I said no. 
As planned, the lady brought the cake, and I asked TK to marry me.



  1. I love this. Congrats to you both. Wish you well.

  2. I love their outfits. Complementing. And the cake…nice concept. Congrats to u both

  3. Beloved brother, congrats. may the Lord bless your union.

  4. yaaay….congrats again #countdown

  5. Love you guys!!! Counting down to the d-day 20.9.14

  6. What an interesting but laconically expounded tale! This is just d beginning. It’ll only get better in a geometric progression. God bless ds eternal consociation, copiously!!

  7. Hmmmmmmm, Tosinnnnnn

  8. Tony Chux Keme : August 23, 2014 at 12:14 am

    congrats bro..

  9. Nice outfits. Are you sure you both ain’t siblings? The resemblance is striking

  10. Congrats tosin…

  11. Congratz bro. Cheers

  12. Add a comment…congrat

  13. This is just loevely

  14. They are so cute! I love their photos and the idea of a beach engagement shoot. Nigeria has so many beaches, why not?

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