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Flawless Wedding Isioma and Jude

Flawless Wedding Isioma and Jude

There is something about beautiful wedding pictures that draw you in,  the colour themes and timely organization of a wedding makes you not see the flaws, It makes you to  smile even though you’re having a bad day. We see tons of those everyday, but believe us, each new collection is like an amazement .... Read More
Wedding Fabrics 5 Ways To Use Them Creatively!

Wedding Fabrics 5 Ways To Use Them Creatively!

Fabrics! Don’t we love them, what would you do without the touch of colorful fabric in your wedding decoration?Silk, Cotton, Lace, Ankara, Linen, Burlap, Suede e.t.c  Your choice of fabric is not one of the most important thing. IT IS the most important thing you consider in your wedding design. With the right fabric, you... Read More

Light Up Your Wedding!

Lighting can add colour to create moods, brighten the bride's dress or enhance skin tones. For outdoor weddings, the concepts and trends are to have crystals hung from trees or above tables within tents, suspended at differing heights Read More

Tissue Pom Pom

Its always good to find a cheaper alternative to decorating the wedding and its more fun if you do this with your family and friends. Read More

Wedding Party Decorations!

Using LED in the wedding hall could create beautiful colours that matched your colour theme. Read More

Flowers Make A Difference!

Flowers make a spectacular picture when used in decorating a wedding hall. Most weddings cannot really be complete without the use of some beautifully arranged flora. Just as different fruits come in different seasons, different flowers have their seasons too but this is no so pronounced in Nigeria where we mainly have two types of... Read More

Tips for Decorating your Wedding

Balloons – Balloons can aid the lighting and sound effects in a large room by filling up space.It complements the decor and sometimes gives it an exciting  feel to a boring room. Table Centrepieces – Any party is no party without a centrepiece. Centrepieces can enlighten the hall and take it from ordinary to classy.... Read More

Unique Wedding Chair Covers

Gone are the days when all you do is cover up the wedding chair and then use a simple bow to tie at the back. Check out some unique chair covers that is topping the trend at the moment. Read More

Idea for your outdoor ceremony

Are you having an outdoor wedding ceremony? Having to line  either side of the aisle with rose petals gives a homely and romantic touch to the decor and create a lovely ambience of specialty to your wedding. Read More

My Wedding Decor!

Your colour is Pink and his colour is Blue, so you want the style and theme of your wedding to resonate these chosen colours then you or your wedding planner come up with pink napkins, pink and blue flowers, pink clothes for the bridesmaids, pink sashes for the chair covers, pink and blue drapery… everything... Read More

Wonderful Decorations at Your Wedding Reception

How would a reception look like without decorations? Decorations create an atmosphere. It adds colour, beauty and festivity to the occasion! You can also make your wedding look different by the kind of decorations you choose to have. The initial reaction to the array of decorations sets the mood for your guest. Your decoration should... Read More
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