Top Five Nigerian Make Up Artist To Watch 2014

Top Five Nigerian Make Up Artist To Watch 2014

Naija is full of great makeup artists no doubt and the chart is rising everyday as more people are getting better in the field of makeup artistry. For every naija babe now knows how to look awesome on a typical wedding party. The brows are perfect, the eye shadow compliments the overall look and the lips are ever looking inviting.

Looking as far back as 2009. Makeup Artistry has really and truly evolved. We can easily stand side by side with the world best makeup artist in the world today . A truly enviable fit that’s why this article is about Makeup Artists in Nigeria  that are shaking the ‘timbers’ off every Nigerian babe. These artist are getting on the top chart by the day, getting more popular among brides to be and garnering teams on their side like football giants.

These are the TOP Five makeup artist to watch out for in 2014. They not only will blow your socks off in their makeup ingenuity, they are pioneering the next makeup revolution in Nigeria. So if you are looking to be a real queen on your wedding day, you know who to call. Move Over Banke! lol.



Her full name is Ngozi Oni. A graduate from the University of Lagos who is a self -taught makeup artist. She has worked as  a  Makeup consultant for brand and advertising agencies in the production of top class adverts and TV series including GIDI UP for Ndani TV. This makeup artist has her works featured in ThisDay Style Magazine, Ynaija and BellaNaija.

Advice To Brides 2 Be:

“Always get a professional for your wedding makeover. It’s the one look that will last a lifetime”.

What Stands Her Out  is her ingenuity and creativity. Practicing since 2005, this Makeup artist is definitely going places in Lagos and Abuja. Certainly one of our favorites already.

She is best reached on phone 07066031672, 08053629508 or email . Check out her works on instagram @beautyandthebeholdermakeovers

beauty and the beholder 1

beauty and the beholder 2


Her full name is Adedayo Ogunnaike but  fondly known as Christine. A makeup artist and an instructor still working with MUD Nigeria.This artist started off fully as a makeup artist in 2010. A self trained makeup artist who picked up some things from her mentors.

“Make up artistry goes beyond just painting a face to make it look beautiful, It’s all about disguise, change and enhancement”-Christine, 2014

Her Advise To Brides2Be:

“For my brides I always advise that they take things  easy, you cannot do everything yourself, allow an event planner take charge of your wedding ( make the calls, book the vendors e.t.c) by doing that  it allows you to think of some other things you might want to put in place. Also brides should make concrete arrangement with their vendors, the right time and venue for everything should be stated”

Christine is rich in dishing out her professionalism while being a good listener to her clients. She is also renowned for keeping to time and reputable for a fresh makeover look. Based in Lagos, she is certainly one to watch out for this year.

Available on phone number: 08073511952 . See more of her works in instagram @christine_creations Email is

Christine Creations

Christine Creations1


 Her full name is Mamza Fatima , a makeup artist based in Abuja also self- trained  but has undergone some refresher course. Mamza has been practicing as a makeup artist since 2008.

Her beauty moto is  There is beauty in simplicity

Advise to Brides 2Be:

“Plan early, know what you want and stick to it, hire a team that can work together ( that is very important)”.

Mamza is raving right now in Abuja where she is based. She keeps churning out pictures that goes viral in the beauty world. You can’t easily forget her makeovers even after just one look.

You can reach her on email phone number: 08035051501






Her full name is Amina Suleiman Bawa, a graduate of the American University of Nigeria . She is the young CEO and powerhouse behind Mimi’s Makeover. The former journalist turned makeup artist who attended no makeup school or received any lessons whatsoever says makeup has always been her number one hobby and God helped her turn it into a career.
“I love what I do dearly and do it with so much passion, the money is just a bonus”, she says. “And I think what makes me stand out is my use of colours and the way I blend them. I think I’m also quite a brow expert”

She stormed the industry about six months ago and has since become a sensation. Based in Abuja but travelled all over the world making up brides and friends who needs her services.

Her Advice To Brides 

“Be sure they pick one whose style they believe fits the look they want to pull off and most importantly be sure they don’t pick one of those makeup artists who attend a makeup school for two weeks or a month, get a certificate and call themselves makeup artists. It goes way beyond just that she says, pick one who is genuinely in love with makeup and understands how to work and blend colours“.

We are seriously watching this brow and makeup color expert this year 2014. You can reach her on phone  07066243179 and email on Check out her works on her instagram @mimi_suleiman


mimi's makeover

mimi's beauty 1

5  Make Up By Beejay

This 22 years old CEO is causing some serious storm in Kano where she is based.  Her full name is Bahijjah Shehu Bawab. A malaysian trained makeup artist who is also a graduate in Business Information Systems. Beejay just started makeup in a year and a half now but has had high profile clients trooping in her studio in Kano.

Her makeover style is making sure every bride comes out looking younger and good . She prides herself in creating a perfect eye brow too!

Advise To Brides 2Be

“Every girl is a beautiful woman, when you meet with your makeup artist, be confident to tell them what look you wish to have as some people prefer heavy makeup while others just like a fresh look. Trust your makeup artist most times by allowing him/her do her work well”.

We love her style of makeup and her transformation is always swoon worthy! We are definitely keeping an eye on this fast rising star. Beejay can be reached at her studio in  Shop ZS 48 near Sahad  Stores Opposite Shoprite Zoo Road, Kano. Her works can also be seen in instagram @makeupbybee_jay and you can connect with her on facebook ; bahijjah S Bawa.

makeupby beejay1 makeupbybeejay


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  15. Threasa kasabula : December 21, 2015 at 2:17 pm

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